Sorbead India, founded in 1996, is a leading manufacturer and supplier of molecular sieves desiccants to the clients across the globe. We are world-leading expertise in providing excellent and quality moisture and oxygen protection solutions. We focus on serving the different industrial market in protecting and preserving their products against any kind of damage due to moisture, corrosion etc. Our products and services are highly trusted and appreciated by the major businesses globally for the moisture protection in various industrial applications. We have developed a reputation by building long lasting relationships with our clients and suppliers. We serve pharmaceutical, electronics, food, oil & gas, petrochemical and several other industries.

The different types of molecular sieves desiccants available at Sorbead India include range of beads, pellets and powder series to create best possible adsorption solution to meet the requirements of different industries. Our highly experienced and dedicated staff provides the solution to control the moisture, water vapors and corrosion to make your products free from any damage. We make use of advanced adsorbing technology to protect the liquids and gases from the changes of internal and external environment conditions. We put main emphasis on manufacturing the most effective desiccants and adsorbents to solve all types of oxygen, moisture and humidity control issues.

We ensure to deliver high quality molecular sieves desiccants to meet the particular needs of the worldwide clients. Each manufactured product is tested to assure the quality and accuracy in performance. Sorbead India is a desiccant and adsorbent solution oriented company which is committed to offer great Excellency in each delivered product. Our experts also help you in selecting the right desiccant as per your specific needs or particular application.

Customer satisfaction is our main motive which can be easily achieved depending on the proficiency, commitment and responsiveness of our expert team. All the products are manufactured as per the industrial standards by keeping in mind the exact demand of the particular applications in order to make the powerful products.

If you have any question related to our offered products or have any query, just make us a call or do e-mail to get the satisfied answer. We will be right back to you within no time.

Molecular Sieves are used in different Industries for moisture drying purpose:

  • Petrochemical Industry
  • Chemical Industry
  • Sugar Industry
  • Refiners
  • Industrial Gas Industry
  • Air Industry
  • Pharmaceutical
Quality Policy:

The product quality starts with its raw materials, which are specified by quality control procedures. Sorbead India is monitors our product’s quality audit on a regular basis. Our all the desiccant products are analyzed by our quality control lab, which is independent on our manufacturing unit.We are acquiescence with the International Quality System Board under regulation of (ISO 9001:2008).

ISO Certification:

ISO 9001:2008 Certification Corporate Offices (download)

Molecular Sieve 3A

Molecular Sieve 4A

Molecular Sieve 13X

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