Molecular Sieve
Molecular Sieve
Molecular sieve is a material of crystalline metal aluminosilicates which having interconnecting network of zeolite and alumina tetrahedra.Molecular sieve are used as a desiccant and adsorbents. It is very small pores, while allowing small pores to pass; it is efficient to block large molecules. That becomes powerful adsorbents with having the strong adsorption capacity with water, oxygen, carbon dioxide and other molecules less than its pore size.All molecular sieves are available in beaded, pelleted and powdered form. The molecules comprise three dimensionalporous materials: microporous(including zeolite, clay and activated carbon), macroporous (including silica gel and zeolite) and mesoporous(including silicon dioxide). All using these materials molecular sieve zeolite is accomplished.
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Molecular Sieve
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