Molecular Sieve Powder

Molecular Sieve Powder

Molecular sieve are basically the crystalline structure of three-dimensional network of silica and alumina tetrahedra. In other words, they are synthetic zeolites designed in complex alkali metal alumino-silicate structure. They are considered as the most effective desiccant agent to drying and purifying various liquids and gases using the advanced adsorption technology.

They are available in three differentforms such as beads, pellets and powder, and are used based on the applications for different industries. Molecular sieve powder for 3A, 4A, 5A and 13X can only be used for specialized applications. As compared to beads and pellets, sieve in the powder form of molecular sieve 3A and 4A has higher dispensability and quicker adsorption ability. It can be used as a formless desiccant and efficient adsorbent mixed with other materials.

The powdered desiccants have the power to effectively adsorb the molecules on the basis of their size and polarity. They are used for removing moisture from polyurethane polymer systems. It also works as a carrier to discharge the catalysts into certain systems. Unlike other hazardous acid catalysts, zeolites are regenerable, non-hazardous and non-corrosive as well. These properties make it a valuable desiccant for various applications.

The variety of applications where effective performance of powder molecules brings excellent results includes:

  • Storage protection for metallic pigment paint
  • Cosmetic additive
  • Dehumidification of oil-gas
  • Desiccation of ethylene, propylene and ethanol
  • Purification of air
  • Adsorbing carbon dioxide, hydrogen chloride, etc. from plastic formulations
  • Separation of gas or liquid
  • Polysulfide and silicone systems
  • Protective agent for highly hygroscopic goods
  • Refrigerant desiccant
  • Coatings, sealants & adhesives

Molecular sieve powder has the ability to remove water & moisture, to eliminate bubbles, to increase the consistency & strength when mixed in paint, resin and other adhesives. It works as a desiccant in insulating glass rubber spacer. It is advisable not to unpack the products or goods to avoid exposure in air before their use. Always remember to keep such products at dry place.

Sorbead India offers quality molecular sieve powder in different types and different crystal structure. We are here to serve range of industries to protect and preserve their products in liquid or gaseous form from water and moisture with themost suitable adsorption solution.