Molecular sieve for Oxygen Generator
Molecular sieve for Oxygen Generator
Molecular sieve for Oxygen Generator
An oxygen generator is a machine that generates the oxygen from an ambient air to an oxygen enriched gas mixture using the PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption) process. Such type of oxygen generator is typically used in healthcare applications. Molecular sieve for oxygen generator is effective to separate the any kind of liquid or nitrogen from the oxygen. Molecular sieve 13X in the form of beads and pellets are the key elements to perform adsorption tasks perfectly. Such types of molecules are specially designed to desiccant the pores with larger size molecules. It is the most reliable desiccant for oxygen PSA process.
How 13X Molecular Sieve are used for Oxygen Generator?Molecular sieve 13x is used for drying and purifying the oxygen to make it useful for inhalation. You can also say that this desiccant helps people to breathe in a pure and better way.It operates by passing the surrounding air through the molecular sieve available in the form of beads and pellets. 13X has the ability to separate the oxygen from nitrogen and provides a flow of pure oxygen of up to 94% – 95%. 13X molecules have larger adsorption capacity as compared to Type A oxygen making molecular sieve. It can increase the profits of producing pure oxygen by decreasing the operating costs and energy consumption.

Molecular sieve for oxygen generator with the help of PSA process is used from the last several years to produce the highly pure oxygen for the patient’s ambulatory medical use. They are widely used in removing CO2 natural gas and LPG, for separating enriched oxygen from air,for removing oxygenates from hydrocarbons etc. The dew point of oxygen generated by PSA process is -50 to -75 degree Celsius based on the size of oxygen generator. Generate PSA rich oxygen with the help of sodium form of the type X crystal successfully.
Sorbead India is the leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter of variety of desiccants and adsorbentswith the excellent adsorption ability. They are highly effective for range of applications used in different industries.We provide high performance molecular sieve for oxygen generator for respiratory care.We serve the clients in the national and international market with the best possible adsorption solution.
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