Molecular Sieve for Natural Gas Drying
Molecular Sieve for Natural Gas Drying
Molecular Sieve for Natural Gas Drying
Water or other impurities present in the natural gas can increase the risk of damage to the pipeline as the result of corrosion or hydrate formation. Natural gas drying/dehydration are a process where water vapors are removed from the gas streams using the highly effective desiccant material known as molecular sieves. Different types of molecular sieves are used in industrial natural gas dehydration. This drying process using 3A, 4A and 5A solid desiccant materials are performed depending on the molecules size, pore size and polarity of the gas stream. They have little difference in water vapor concentration and the gas flow rate as per their respective pore size.
Use 3A, 4A & 5A adsorbents for natural gas dehydration 3A, 4A and 5A can be used in beads and pellets form as the active adsorbents for drying process of natural gas to very low dew points of up to -100°C. They are suitable for dehydrating the natural gas that contains aromatic compounds too such as methane, ethane, propane etc. In most of the cases, PTSA (Pressure and Temperature Swing Adsorption) technology is used based on the specific type of molecular sieve. It helps in gaining maximum efficiency. The larger pore size means higher adsorption capacity. In this situation, 5A molecules have maximum adsorption or dehydration capacity as compared to 4A and 3A. Similarly, 3A molecules have maximum water adsorption and minimum adsorption of other compounds present in the natural gas.
The natural gas containing water vapors and other contaminants are passed through the molecular sieve columns. With the help of high adsorption ability, the water gets removed from the gas stream to the low concentrations. Such adsorbents can be regenerated at specific temperatures based on the type of adsorbent used for the natural gas drying/dehydration process. The molecular sieves are considered as the most effective desiccant and adsorbent for drying the natural gas with the suitable molecules of critical pore diameters.
Sorbead India has broad range of drying agents that can be used individually or in multiple beds to remove the various contaminants for different dehydration applications. We have developed a strong natural gas drying/dehydration solution for the natural gas industry. Our main aim is to provide each product with maximize performance and minimize costs.
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