Molecular Sieve for Hydrogen Purification
Molecular Sieve for Hydrogen Purification
Molecular Sieve for Hydrogen Purification
It is very rare to find the pure form of hydrogen on earth. Hydrogen is generally found in the combination with other atoms and molecules. So, in order to separate the hydrogen from these substances, an effective purification process is required. Molecular sieve is used for generating the pure hydrogen which can be further utilized in various industries.Molecular sieve 5A is a strong adsorbent which are available in beads and pellets form to absorb different liquids and gases. It is the calcium form of calcium form of the Type A crystal structure and is widely used for drying and purifying the hydrogendue to its high adsorbing quality& speed, and high crushing strength.

How 5A molecules help in Hydrogen Purification?

5A are generally an alkali alumino silicate with the effective pore size of 5 angstrom. It is suitable for PSA hydrogen purification where unwanted moisture and gases are adsorbed to obtain pure hydrogen. 5A is specialized in sorting out the straightand branch chained hydrocarbons from each other. 5A adsorbent is highly recommended to produce high purity hydrogen from the mixed gas streams. In PSA process of purification, the impurities present in hydrogen get adsorbed to the 5A molecules at high pressure. The molecular sieve in beads and pellets are used based on their available sizes and your requirements. The hydrogen purified after the PSA process plays an important role in number of industries and applications. An extremely pure hydrogen product is attained using the PSA hydrogen purification procedure.

5A zeolite adsorbent can be regenerated by either through thermal swing process or by decreasing the pressure in pressure swing process. A temperature from 250 degree – 300 degree Celsius is needed to remove the moisture from molecular sieve. The outlet concentration depends on the kind of gas present as well as on the circumstances of the process.
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