Molecular Sieve Beads

Molecular Sieve Beads

The adsorbent molecular sieve offers a variety of adsorption applications based on molecular shape and size, its crystal structure make the high adsorption capacity then other adsorption systems. Hence, this desiccant is able to remove many industrial and natural gases or liquid impurities. All type of molecular sieves including 3A, 4A, 5A & 13X are available in beaded foam.

These zeolites are used in gas dehydration process, drying of the reforming, LPG sweetening (removal of hydrogen sulphide and mercaptans), cracked gas and olefins drying, separation of commercial ethylene before polymerization. Drying of organic liquids, elimination of carbon dioxide, water, sulfates, mercaptons.

Sorbead India is the leading manufacturing unit of molecular sieves for liquids, air & gas drying industrial applications. Our molecular sieve beads sizes are depends on which molecular sieve type is use in which industrial applications.