Molecular Sieve Adsorbent

Molecular Sieve Adsorbent

Molecular sieve is a crystalline aluminasilicate which has the powerful ability to act as an adsorbent for liquids and gases. It has three-dimensional structure depending on silicon oxide and aluminium oxide polyhedra. Molecular sieve adsorbents are effective for the products used in the natural gas, refining, petrochemical and air drying industries.

It performs the adsorbing or separation process based on the molecular size. Molecular sieves are available in the form of balls, pellets and powder. The adsorbents are used for separating the compounds with similar polarity from solvents.

The different types of molecular sieves such as 3A, 4A, 5A and 13X are widely used for the range of applications. They include drying and cleaning technical gases, drying liquids, petrochemical and natural gases etc.

  • Refining air
  • 3A molecular sieve is used for drying several hydrocarbon and non-hydrocarbon gases and liquids such as cracked gas, acetylene and propylene. It can also be used for dehydrating alcohol and solvents.
  • 4A molecular sieve is used for dehydrating and purifying various hydrocarbon and non-hydrocarbon gases and liquids such as argon gas, refrigerants, medicines, electronic components etc.
  • 5A molecular sieve is used for separating the chain of hydrocarbons, for drying natural gas and for producing high level of pure hydrogen. It is used commercially for drying and refining the air, petroleum and gas in different industries. Type 5a beads and pellets are also used for adsorbing the oxygen and for separating nitrogen from the air for petrochemical industries.
  • 13X molecular sievesare used for dehydrating the natural gas, LPG and various petrochemical liquids and gases. The degree of water removal depends on the temperature and humidity of the gas.

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