Molecular Sieve 5A
Molecular Sieve 5A
Molecular Sieve 5a
Molecular sieve 5A is an alkali alumino silicate carbon available in the form of Type A crystal structure with the pore size 5A or 5 angstrom. They have the tendency to absorb the molecules with the pore size smaller than 3A and 4A. It cannot adsorb the molecules with the diameter greater than 5A such as ISO compounds and all kinds of 4-carbon rings. Such type of molecular sieve is widely used for the purification and separation of natural gas.Type 5A is generally used for separating the normal and isomerous alkane, for adsorbing moisture, humidity and carbon dioxide as well as for adsorbing pressure swing for gases. They can also be used for checking theexact composition through large volume density, water content, strength and several other chemical specifications.

Applications of Molecular Sieve 5A
Molecular sieve 5A is an effective absorbing solution for various applications. This most reliable desiccant can be used for:

  • Separating process of normal paraffin
  • Removing moisture and hydrocarbons from refrigerants
  • Drying of natural gas
  • Removing carbon dioxide from cracked gas and natural gas
  • Drying and purifying PSA oxygen
  • Drying and Separation of aromatics
  • Liquefied petroleum gas sweetening
  • Refinement of ethanol by drying moisture and carbon dioxide
  • Pressure Swing Adsorption process of oxygen and hydrogen

Zeolite 5A is the perfect sieve for medical application such as medical or healthy oxygen generator. It has the ability to work effectively in purifying the oxygen concentration and gives long lasting working facility. This desiccant can be regenerated and reused with the help of purging pressure at the temperature from 200 to 300 degree Celsius.The adsorbed species includes C3-C14, CH3L, CHF3, CF4, CF3CL, CF4, (CH3)NH2,dichlorodifluoro-methane etc.

Sorbead India manufactures and supplies a variety of molecular sieve products by maintaining the quality, consistency and reliability of different types of molecular sieves. We are specialized in offering effective molecular sieve 5A for various range of applications. We are able to provide quality absorbents to the global clients with highly satisfied products and services.

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