Molecular Sieve 4A
Molecular Sieve 4A
Molecular Sieve 4A
Molecular Sieve 4A is used as a desiccant in array of industrial applications. 4A molecular sieve means the molecules with the pore size of 4A0 or 4 angstrom are used for the adsorbing process.It simply signifies that molecules with the pores size larger than 4a cannot be used for adsorption. Generally, they are the sodium forms of the Type A structure.Type 4a has reliable adsorption speed, higher resistance quality and stronger adsorption, which are enough to enhance the product life. Such type of molecular sieve is perfect to remove the moisture from liquids and gases.It is a universal dehydrating agent used in polar and non-polar media. This type of molecular sieve is the perfect desiccant for low inlet, humidity, with the temperature below 30-35% RH.

Applications of Molecular Sieve 4A
Molecular sieve 4A is considered as one of the best desiccant for a variety of applications that includes:

  • Dehydration of drugs, electric components and unpreserved chemicals when packed
  • Removal of moisture in plastics and paints
  • Drying of Refrigerants
  • Drying of Natural gas, petroleum gas and cracked gas
  • Dehydration of methanol and ethanol
  • Generation and purification of argon
  • Isomerization feed drying
  • Drying of air filled or gas-filled insulating glass units
  • Dehydration of unsaturated hydrocarbons
  • Drying and purifying of Ammonia gas

Molecular sieve 4A can be regenerated and reused as per the needs. For regeneration process, it requires the removal of adsorbed moisture, water and other provisions at a hot temperature of 250 to 450 degrees.This temperature depends when reached in purge. To avoid any kind of accidental moisture adsorption, such molecular sieves are required to keep in an air tight container before using it. The adsorbed species includes argon, SO2, CO2, carbon monoxide, C2H4, C3H6, C2H4, CH3CN2, CS2, CH3Br.

Sorbead India is aleading manufacturer of Molecular sieve 4A for number of different industries and their respective applications. Our main aim is to provide the best quality molecular sieve desiccants to the worldwide customers. The adsorption solution offered here ensures to meet the needs and expectations of the range of industries.

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Molecular Sieve 4A
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