Molecular sieves are synthetically manufactured crystalline, porous structures. They absorb moisture and water from substances to dry the substances completely. The most common component used in these sieves is zeolites. They offer protection against moisture and water. Moisture is the foe of many coatings, sealants, adhesives and elastomers. It can come from pigments, fillers or ambient air during production period. Moisture causes damage and spoilage of these products. Isocyanides react with moisture in polyurethane-based formulations. Here CO2 generation can cause problems like blistering and degradation. In metallic pigment paints used for anti-corrosion and marine applications, moisture will react with the metals to produce hydrogen leading to off-gassing in product containers. Molecular sieves can combat these issues by absorbing moisture from coatings, adhesives, sealants andelastomers.

They are sold in many types including A and X type crystalline structure. This desiccant¬†molecular sieve 3a and 4a powder¬†the high adsorption capacity and selective adsorption. They leave behind very low residual of water. They are also cost effective and prevent unwanted side effects. These sieves meet product specifications and prevent freeze up of equipment’s. The product recovery is high when molecular sieves are used.