Molecular sieves are desiccants produced synthetically, having small holes to block large molecules. They are used to absorb gases or liquids. They are quicker in absorbing water than silica gel. The sieves may be micro porous, macro porous and meso porous. They provide protection against moisture and water. These desiccant molecular sieves are available in beads and pellets. The sieves are in crystalline structure with different pore sizes. They are uniform in their structure, and hence will not let out the moisture back in to the container very easily. They usually consist of zeolites. It also used in drying solvents such as ethanol.

The product is available in many sizes including 4A, 3A, 5A, 13X. This desiccant is used according to their pore size in different types of molecular sieves forĀ solvent drying, solvent separation, solvent purification and solvent dehydration. The sieves are produced in Beads & Pellets.

They have various applications including ethanol dehydration, ethanol drying, liquidpurification, solvent drying, and solventdehydration. It is used in many industries such as oil and gas, petrochemicals, sugar and air Industries.

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